Henan Magnolia black Tea Company Ltd established a team with Magnolia experts of Nanzhao county and tea experts from pharmaceutical college of Henan University, Tsinghua University, Kunming city, Yunnan province to research into magnolia. After two year’s team work ,the Magnolia black tea was created successfully. The team adopted advanced and creative technics to the best magnolia flowers and superior tea leaves of Yunnan province and then blended them. By such elaborate process, Magnolia black tea reached perfection. The tea, combining the fragrance of Magnolia flower and the sweet of black tea, has both medicine effect of magnolia and function of black tea.
Magnolia flower is spotless and flawless with translucency and delicate fragrance. In Chinese, its name means the “style” and “character” of gentle men. Modern medical research results have proved that there are more than a dozen of trace element[Read more]